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YM-YOLK580 Semi Automatic PVC - Poliolefin Shrink Packaging Machine


  • The machine incorporates a powered sealing head and shrink tunnel on the same frame with locking castors.
  • Operation is either by a foot switch or automatic timed cycle
  • Powered conveyor to take the pack into the shrink tunnel
  • Electronic controls for all major functions
  • For use with polyolefin films
  • PTFE coated sealing blade
  • Operating speed up to 10 cycles per minute
  • Rolling rod tunnel conveyor

Teknik Özellikler Technical Specifications  
Kaynak Ölçüleri  Seal Bar Dimensions  600x460 mm
Tünel Giriş Yüksekliği  Tunnel Entrance Height 250 mm
Maks. Film Genişliği Maximum Film Reel Width 550 mm
Elektrik Bağlantısı Power Supply 380 V
Ortalama Güç Electiric Comsunption 4 Kw
Kapsite / dk Capacity / min 8 -. 12
Uygun Film Suitable Film PVC - Poliolefin

Name product : YM-YOLK580