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 Working Principle:

YM-YBO650 Series Full Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine groups the products side by side or which comes through out from the speed control  PE shrinked products go to the shrink tunnel and get out of the tunnelfor cooling. This machine has PLC controller system and touch screen monitör which is using very easily and practically. It counts the products pieces and has got automatic film opening system. Also you can change the resistances very easily upon the tunnel.

Teknik Özellikler Technical Specifications  
Yapıştırma Çene Boyu Sealing Bar Length 650 mm
Çene Aralığı Sealing Bar Height 400 mm
Elektrik Besleme Required Electricty 380V - 3ph
Makine Ebatı (mm) Machine Dimention 6000x2100x1950(h)
Ortalama Güç Electiric Comsunption 25 kw
Kapsite / dk Capacity / min 6-. 10
Uygun Film Suitable Film PE / Polietilen

Name product : YM-YBO650