Side Sealing Shrink Packaging Machine
  • Touchscreen LCD panel

    High speed automation in the packaging with  out any operator

    Height and width adjustable film inverter

    Flat cutting blade with hot sealing system

    Sealing system has an automatic safety sensor

    Automatic product size setting

    Program memory feature for varied products

    Can make packaging with limitless lenght

    Centerfold-film side-load station


Sealing Bar Length    - 480mm

Sealing Bar Height    - 170mm

Required Electricty    - 380V - 3ph.

Machine Dimention    - 1200x1850x3450

Electric Comsunption - 4kw

Capacity / min.          - 25/35 pack

Max. Pack. Dimention - Ultimatex400x150 

Product Name : Side Sealing Shrink Packaging Machine